Thursday, April 03, 2008

Blog update

Quick update on the Blog. Via our tracking software, we can see that we have become much more popular! After our big spike last April thanks to an odd fluke with with Google images and cars, we settled back to normal by June. But since then we have seen a steady rise in traffic that looks like it will keep going. Where is it coming from? Well, Google images plays a huge part but we also are getting people looking for specific things. If you Google, the benefits of forest fire, post grooming furunculosis or 2002 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport we are on the top one or two pages. We have been linked to by other blogs that give some traffic too. Most of this is for specific links, not for the blog in general.

It is nice to have people reading our stuff, especially the informational things that are showing up on Google. The benefits from our ads is growing too. When we reach $100 Google will mail us a check. When I started with ads I figured we would never see a dime, I just wanted to see what would show up. A few months ago I had projected getting a check in 2011. But now it looks like it might arrive this August. We have written 670 posts and have had between 23,000 and 25,000 unique visitors depending on the counter.

If you keep reading, we will keep writing! Got to use those liberal arts degrees some place right? 

One more thing, Blogger has a new feature that allows you to schedule blog postings for a future date or time. This should allow for more regularity in posting, not three one day and zero the next. 

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