Monday, March 17, 2008

New Subaru!

Yup, there it is! All bought and paid for and Winnie approved. After living with it for just a few hours I can say that it drives just great! It clings to the ground, the steering is very responsive and it has good acceleration with a pleasant rumble. The brakes are strong, and the visibility is phenomenal. I think the suspension has just the right amount of travel to it. You can feel what your tires are hitting, but it is more like feedback from the road and less like just running over bumps.

When I was driving it home I thought it was a shame that I wouldn't be able to really try it out on some curvy roads because it just felt so fun to drive! Well, ask and you shall receive because two blocks later some lady who's line of sight was blocked by a parked bus pulled out of a driveway just a few feet in front of me - too close to stop. She slammed on her brakes placing her directly in front of me in the new car (on the way home for the first time no less) and I did too, along with whipping the wheel to the left to get around her. The car jumped sideways it moved so fast, and I was past her. The ABS kept everything in line even on the wet road. The only vision I got of the other driver was her bracing for impact! So, slalom on 50th street.

What else, on the way home we had some low level fog, so Megan hit the fog lights And suddenly the lines in the road were clear again! And here I just thought they looked cool.

So, it is my opinion that this car can get through just about any weather you throw at it. I look forward to having it for a long time and I can't wait to drive it again tomorrow! I hope I don't use too much gas this month...

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dwatland said...

I had a similar experience with my Saab. The salesman met me in downtown St. Paul and I drove him back to Bloomington. As we were making a left hand turn at a light, I was waiting to turn, and waited until a solid red. A car coming to the light decided to run the light. I was never so thankful for a turbo. We flew threw the intersection. A lesser car would have been totalled. It is fun to have a responsive car.