Thursday, February 21, 2008

Well how about that

After all the hubub surrounding Rep. John Lesch's dog breed ban, here's what MPR's blogger had to say about the proposal:
The one regulating dangerous dogs, HF2906, would give animal control authorities more power to hold the owners of dangerous dogs accountable.

Bill Forbes, with the Minnesota Animal Control Association, had this to say about it.

"Currently we have a law that doesn't really do a lot to the [owner of] dangerous dogs, its the dog itself that generally pays the maximum penalty. The [owner of] dangerous dogs goes out and gets another dogs after his dog is ordered destroyed and starts with a clean slate, which is not the issue."

He said that owners of dangerous dogs are primarily men, and the dogs are usually not trained or socialized properly and are often chained up outside, which he said causes the dogs to be aggressive.

A "dangerous dog" is defined as one that has a reported history of attacking people or other animals. Rep. John Lesch (DFL-St. Paul) offered an amendment that would have banned certain breeds of dog, such as Rottweiler’s, Pit Bulls and wolf hybrids, but it was not adopted into the bill [emphasis added].

So.... there we go. Hooray!

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