Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bond, your car is ready

Well there are crazy concept cars but the sQuba takes the cake, and in large part because it really works.

Ok lets see what do we need to make it a true bond car?

- Lotus Elise? Check
- Driver-less functionality? Check
- Floats? Check
- Submarine? Check
- Maneuvers underwater? Check
- On board SCUBA system? Check
- All electric? Check.
- Missie launchers? Errr, well no but you might be able to fit those on the real version.

The question of course is this useful at all. Well, in the event that you are being chased by a villain and need to loose them fast, is there any better way than to drive in the canals of Venice? Or Between desert islands? I didn' think so.

Below is the video of the thing in action. Skip ahead to see their chubby James Bond take it into and then under the water.

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