Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Hampshire Day

Well, politics up date. When I last left my presidential prediction hat, Hillary was winning, Obama was struggling, Mitt Romney and Rudy were doing fine, John McCain was tanked and Huckabee was a "Dark Horse."

Oh how things have changed. 

For the republicans things are still very up in the air. NH is going to matter a lot here, especially for John McCain where NH is his strong hold. But then South Carolina comes next and Huck is going to win that too. So, we might not know anything until super-duper tuesday February 5th. And you know, Huckabee does have a chance! People said he didn't before Iowa, they say he doesn't now, but people just like the guy. He has a wonderful ability to connect with a crowed and to toss off criticism with a quick wit and kindness.  But the Republican establishment can hardly keep their outright contempt of him hidden away! This might be worse than Ron Paul for them. So, go Huck! 

Now for the Democrats. Wow, Iowa changed everything. We won't know until tonight, but Obama has it in my opinion. People seemed to be resigned to Hillary because she was inevitable but deep down want something really new. And when Obama showed that he could win and win big, every one just allowed them selves to get behind him. It was almost natural. I knew it was over for Hillary when her message became, "Don't believe in false hopes." Who would say that? 

And to throw out another prediction, President Barack Obama is less than a year away. The only person who might be able to beat him is John McCain, and even that is a long shot. The photo to the left is a button Megan gave me when Barack was running in 2004. 

We will know more soon! 

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