Saturday, December 29, 2007

More Skiiiiiiss??!!

So remember when Megan got skis for her birthday just a few days ago? Well look at this! Megan and I went to the REI scratch and dent sale to see if we could pick up a  good warm jacket for her. We did, a nice Columbia sport. Full of layers, zippers, and a weather-proof shell. But then I walked over to the corner and on the floor were these nice looking skis. I picked them up and they said $99! Bindings and all. The regular price for both would be $270. And they just happened to be exactly long enough for my height/weight. Wow. 

So, boots. I still needed boots. I walked over to the boot section and left Megan guarding our goods. She was asked several times if she really was going to get those (clutching the skis, yes!!). I had looked before and found an ugly pair that worked but was really too big. I brought them back and dug around some more and found a slick silver pair just my size for $50. They are skate style boots, but if I don't latch the ankle braces and loosen the rear straps they work great. 

So thats $360 worth of ski for $150. I couldn't pass that up! They are also my first real pair of classic skis. I have always used borrowed pairs in the past, and from people who have been heavier than me so I would always have real problems getting stick while kicking forward. Perhaps that is why I have never really liked classic style skiing when I was racing. I was also never any good at it. So now we are really geared up to go up north! Lets go! 

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