Sunday, December 16, 2007

More from Michael Pollan

The New York Times has a nice little article by Michael Pollan today about MRSA and Colony Collapse Disorder. The money quote:
We’re asking a lot of our bees. We’re asking a lot of our pigs too. That seems to be a hallmark of industrial agriculture: to maximize production and keep food as cheap as possible, it pushes natural systems and organisms to their limit, asking them to function as efficiently as machines. When the inevitable problems crop up — when bees or pigs remind us they are not machines — the system can be ingenious in finding “solutions,” whether in the form of antibiotics to keep pigs healthy or foreign bees to help pollinate the almonds. But this year’s solutions have a way of becoming next year’s problems.
Let's just say that Swine Core did not leave me enamored with the swine industry...


Gayle said...

Hi Meg, are you going to be ok with having ham for Christmas dinner?

Megan Watland said...

As long as it's well-cooked :)