Wednesday, November 28, 2007

YouTube Republican debate

Megan and I just finished watching the second half of the republican YouTube debate and I just had a few thoughts.

1: Huckabee was a pro. Every answer he gave was clear and loaded. I keep saying watch for him, because if he keeps this up he might even get this thing. I was very impressed. (UPDATE: People who matter agree)

2: Hunter. Wow, how did he get on stage! I had never heard him before but wow.

3: Romney was really thrown by not being able to use "Islamofacism" every other answer, and it showed.

4: Giuliani: NY, 9/11, I love NY, NY is like America, 9/11.

5: Ron Paul thinks he can use the "REVOLUTION!" schtic and win the Republican nomination. Come on!

6: Thompson was his usual boring self. One joke though.

7: McCain was his normal campaign bluster. He has no idea how to get back in this race. He is one part macho military man, one part "straight talk" one part statesman guy.

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