Sunday, November 11, 2007

Life got busy

I promise to be back blogging after this week, or at least before Thanksgiving. For now, a brief summary:
  • I showed up to an exam nearly an hour late due to misreading my schedule, which I thought was only possible in my worst dreams- but hey, I survived, and at least I showed up clothed, which made it better than my very worst dreams.
  • Winnie has an ear infection, which means a trip to the vet tomorrow- pretty much the worst possible timing, as I have an exam tomorrow afternoon and another on Tuesday afternoon. Poor bear is very uncomfortable, and as I watch her scratch at her ouchy ear I can't help but narrate it in the voice of Dr. Torres, the U of MN dermatologist- "eetch, eetch, eetch, all dee time eetching! She ees mee-ser-a-buhl, tut tut tut."
  • There are many fire trucks across the street at Cafe Biaggio. I hope everything is okay.


clock-a-clay said...

Hey, let me know if I can help w/anything! I might be looking for an excuse to skip a little class anyway. ;) (Seriously, we don't even start until 10 tomorrow AM--so let me know!)

Megan Watland said...

Thanks for offering your car for Winnie today :) She ended up just staying in the lecture hall and took the exam with me. Good girl only wandered away once!