Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Break time!

I survived this last round of exams, and while my GPA took a hit in some classes, I actually fared pretty well in Pathology. Yay!

Aside from exams, I've been getting some good work done with the Holistic Club. We had a speaker come in to talk about avian acupuncture (yes, it can be done- but usually by injecting a little bit of an irritating substance at the acupuncture point rather than by keeping needles in). We already have our next talk lined up ("Paradigm Shift and Oriental Medicine in Veterinary Medicine"), and actually have another talk scheduled after that. I saw an article about some new research performed by Dr. David Jacobs, a professor at the U of MN School of Public Health. His findings indicate that nutrients given in isolation (like a vitamin C pill) act differently in the body than those same nutrients given in a whole food (like an orange). I thought his hypothesis was interesting, and very counter to the usual nutrition line of "Bodies need nutrients, not ingredients." I emailed him to see if he's be interested in speaking to vet students and he said that he'd love to come talk to us about how animal nutrition is handled. I want to set it up as a lunch meeting, but yikes, what pressure! How do you choose a lunch for a nutrition guru?

The vet school yoga class is going well. We just had our third session, and had a faculty member join us for the first time (yay). I'm enjoying it. It's so different from the rest of the school week- no one else is telling us to slow down, to listen to ourselves and to not do more than we can handle!

Outside of school, things are good. Winnie's ear is looking lots better. I just bought her a can of "Turducken" food for Thanksgiving, but I have a feeling she'll be sneaking some real turkey, too...

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