Saturday, October 13, 2007

Surfacing for a bit...

Rawr. This school thing just keeps coming. I took a Parasitology exam on Wednesday, and Monday it's already time for another Pathology exam. This one covers tumors, disturbances of circulation (or, "doctor, why is my dog's nose bleeding?"), and cardiac pathology. Path is about the complete opposite of the AHVMA conference. I spent last weekend hearing about healing, supporting, promoting the body's own mechanisms of fixing itself... and come back to pathology, which is all about disease, injury, and what happens when things go wrong. *sigh* Path is much less invigorating.

Back to the books for the rest of the weekend- who wants to party with me on Monday night??

**edited to add: On a more positive note, I got an A on both my Bacteriology and Parasitology exams. Wee!

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