Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Obama's Shark?

The mood on the Blog-o-sphere can be very separate from the peple that cast primary votes but as a gauge of activist opinion, Obama has had a very very bad week and I would even put out there that he has jumped the shark leaving Hillary an even more clear line to the nomination.

It started with the disaster of inviting anti-gay preacher/singer Donnie McClurkin (whos famous quote is "Gays are trying to kill our children") to sing as his benefit concert and letting him get away with telling the crowd that "God is the only way" to deliver people from Homosexuality. That made people mad. Josh Marshall called it a "flame out" and said "It's been a while since I've seen such a jumble of screw-ups, fumbles and self-inflicted wounds as this Obama-McClurkin pile up."

So now Obama is swinging back by hitting Hillary on her lack of interest on Social Security reform. Which puts him on the wrong side of the issue with virtually the entire Democratic activist base. Again, Talking Points Memo has more. Basically, his idea is ok but he is pushing the idea that Social Security is in "crisis" and that not changing it right now will bankrupt America. This is a fabrication of George Bush's accountants as a few minor tweeks will keep the system solvent for another 60 years - and then some. It was the first major defeat the Democrats handed George Bush after the 04' election. In short one of the stupidest things you could be attacking Hillary for.

So after all that in a matter of days, I knew it was really bad when I saw Duncan Black - the punch line blogger - write this headline about Obama:

Ouch. So the Democratic field is getting less and less interesting for now as Hillary is moving faster and faster towards the nomination.

EDIT: An explanation of why Social Security is fine by former Commissioner of Social Security Robert Ball is here in the Washington Post.

EDIT 2: More proof the dominos are falling. Big time blogger Kevin Drum from Washington Monthly officially puts him self (kinda sorta) in the Hillary camp. He was for Edwards in 04'

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