Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Exaust!

Phew! The old exhaust is out of the volvo and the new one is in. Everything from the catalitic converter back including all the hanging hardware. Here is a photo of me with the old and the new side by side. It was very tiring work and I was very lucky to have my Dad working with me for most of the afternoon. The old one was just rust everywhere - we had to cut away the bolts with a grinder and saw apart the rest of it into chunks with a sawzall. Then lift, assemble, and attach the new one.

The car is quieter and it is very nice to get rid of that annoying rattle! The biggest improvement is in performance. Volvos are not known for being fast, but try sticking a cork in the exhaust and see how slow it can get! Now that it has got its flow back, getting onto the freeway is not a painful laborious task. Hopefully it will now be set for winter.


Bjorn said...

Sounds exhausting.

Chris Schommer said...

Ba dum dum *tshhhh*