Friday, October 12, 2007

Flat is the new shadow

Back to the design of this page -I took my design cue from the new St. Olaf web page with its nearly complete flatness. It is a marked departure from the web 2.0 curvy/shadowy style as shown by the Blogger homepage, the ebay home page, YouTube and well nearly all of the new web.

I think the next evolution of the web is going to see shadows and curves become less dramatic as people get used to the aesthetic. If you look at the new Apple Store for their design compared to an archive of the old store (loads slowly) it shows the trend away from overt to subtle shading and curves.

I have also updated our adds on the right to include image and videos. If they are not too much of a distraction I will keep them up. So far one has sold me, "Jiglu" - an automated tagging service. Look for it right above "Labels" on the right hand side.

UPDATE: Strike 1 for the adds - having to see the face of wingnut Michelle Malkin on the blog even once. Ug.


Bjorn said...

Ads aren't a distraction at all if you use Adblock Plus.

Chris Schommer said...

That should be an ad...