Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Year 2, day 1.

Congrats to Megan for starting year no. 2 of Vet School! Winnie and I got to drop her off and snag some bagels at the morning breakfast and Winnie got TONS of attention and loving. She likes being famous! It remided me of something one of my favorite profs Charles Taliaferro said about his dog. To paraphrase,
No matter how successful you are, how much you have published and taught, when you are walking down the street with your dog you are aware that you are in the presence of greatness. People come up to you who would walk right by you just to touch and talk to your dog. Why can't they do that to me!'
In other news, Pipkin is doing much much better than we left him thanks to some serious love and care by Megan's mom and his antibiotics. He got to spend several days up north too hopping about in the grass and that did him lots of good. He is cleaning him self again as well as eating hay and generaly acting normal. His left eye was all goopy and crusted from not being able to shut all the way, and megan cleaned that out last night which made him look worse (it removed some fur around that eye) but made him feel better I am sure.

Also, I can't forget to say congrats to our friend Sarah on her first day of Vet School! Good luck and I hope you got a good seat :)

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clock-a-clay said...

Aw, Winnie was at school and I missed it?! Drat!

I'm very glad to hear that Pipkin is feeling better.

Thanks for the bug and the well-wishes. I got a great seat--right up front, perfect for a nerdy vet student. :)