Friday, September 07, 2007

Last day at St. Olaf

Today is my last day at St. Olaf. It is kind of a funny thing, every one else's last memory is of graduation, saying goodbye and taking off in the spring time. I have lingered, through the apprenticeship, through work, and through this summer. So now it is my time to go, only it is the fall and I am the only one left. The halls here are full of new students. I just walked by color design to hear Wendel saying "to call it blue is not enough.." just like I heard five years ago. Everything seems so familiar now, but yet totally different.

For years the drive down to St. Olaf has become a blur. A time to listen to NPR and zone out as you pass countless trucks and landmarks. But this time down I was aware, more so than I have been for years. I remember driving down in the 4-runner before week 1 with my parents and my stuff for College. I remember riding in the back seat down highway 19 and leaning forward, eager for what St. Olaf had waiting for me. Now I drive out and it is a good thing. My life on University ave is great, and my new position at Mac is fantastic. But I will also miss my time here, and the place here, and the people here. St. Olaf was more than just school - it was a home, a studio, a community and a job. So as I fade away I think there is something nice about a quiet goodbye.

Tonight I also get on a Northwest flight to the land of Austin TX for a 32 hour visit. Mac is paying my way to this mini conference for visual resources and I get back Sunday for lunch. I am going to get to see Zach who is driving down from Dallas.

New adventures await!

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