Monday, September 10, 2007

But the score is still 100 to 0 ...

"We're kicking ass"

-George Bush comments on the Iraq war during last weeks visit to Australia.


Bjorn said...

I saw a goofy three wheeled Segway-esque scooter at the Mall of America the other day, driven by the Bloomington Police. My fiscally conservative side kicked in, and wondered how much money that thing cost, if there was any oversight in the benefits of buying such a goofy contraption. Then, I thought about all of the money we are borrowing to fund the occupation of a sovereign nation, came home, looked at my "Cost of War" counter on the blog, and thought that things can get worse then a goofy three wheeled scooter for the police.

Chris Schommer said...

That money is not just disappearing either. People are getting rich rich rich.

Also, according to your counter, we could have bought over 75 million segways. The expensive of road version too @ $6,000.

Of course, that money is just being borrowed anyway. It will all make sense when it is "peace 4 evah", but since it is "war 4 evah!" I hardly see that stopping any time soon.