Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Direct TV is the worst company in the world

I just want to give mention to the fact that Direct TV has to be the single worst company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I have spent hours and hours of time on the phone with them in a sad attempt to cancel our account. It all started when we got a 60 day free trial through multiband, our building Internet/phone/cable provider who uses direct TV as there cable provider. They have been very good through this entire process, even if they can't seem to get things done either.

Here is the time line:

• Cancel in mid June, order a "recovery kit" for the set top unit.
• No recovery kit arrived, get a bill for another months service.
• Call to ask what is up, am told that the account is still active! Told I can't get a recovery kit. Told I have to pay $130 for early termination (despite the contract that says I don't) and threatened with a debt collector if I do not pay for the month + fee.
• Call multiband, and do a 3 way, 45 min, conference call with one of their reps and Direct TV. They cave and order me a recovery kit to waive the fee.
• As of today, still no kit. I call Direct TV and they have not ordered the kit yet (!!!!!!) and their computer won't work. I get sent to another dept where a rep orders me a third kit.
• I called multiband and they are pissed. They called their Direct TV rep and now I am getting a kit in 1-2 days not 3-5.

I have spent FAR more time on the phone stressing over this than I watched TV while I had it. I think if I have to pay that extra month I might just do it because I am feeling so defeated by Direct TV's inept bureaucracy.

So what else to do about it? Google bomb!

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dwatland said...

Call Dishnetwork or Comcast. Maybe they could get DirecTv off your back. I'm sure either one would love to publicize the difficulty your are having.(and you could be in an ad for them in exchange for a year of service.)