Tuesday, July 03, 2007

East Bearskin

Chris, Winnie, and I are back from our trip up the Gunflint Trail! As usual, it felt too short and we didn't get to do everything we wanted to do, but we still had a great time. The weather was perfect every day, sunny and warm until the last night, when we got some nice rain to sleep in. When we left Grand Marais it was 48 degrees... brrr!

Fishing was much better this year than last (The Fishing Season Which Shall Not Be Named). Clearly my new reel is lucky! We didn't spend too much time trying, but caught 7 good-sized small mouth bass and one big brook trout. Our trout stream was unfortunately covered in a thick cloud of black flies, so we couldn't spend much time there, but we'll head back in August when the brook fishing is better than the lake fishing and the black flies are way down.

I found a four-leafed clover with Winnie on our first morning walk, and Chris found a six-leafed clover (!!!) on the way to harvest a new bonsai two new bonsai from the ski trail. Pictures of the bonsai and their story to come........

We drove up to see the fire damage at the end of the trail to finally put some real images into all those fire maps that Chris posted on the blog. I was amazed at what we saw! As we were leaving, Chris said that he had "some serious fire blogging to do!", so I think I'll let him tell that story too.

Winnie had a blast as usual, getting in some good swimming time, chasing some chipmunks, digging some holes, and reverting to her wild-corgi self. As soon as we got home, she slunk into her usual post-cabin depression, which consists mainly of not eating and not wanting to play. All she wants to do is chew on her stick that she brought home from the cabin. Poor girl. She always gets back to normal after a few days, but I sort of understand how she feels (minus the chewing on the stick part).

Chris and I celebrated our four year anniversary on Sunday (!) in the traditional northwoods fashion of gorging ourselves on Trail Center ribs. It was amazing :-) I got a new necklace from Sivertson Gallery and we spent the day out in the woods, remembering when we found each other there four years ago. So much has changed, but the woods always seem to stay pretty much the same somehow.

So, we are home and readjusting to life in the city. More stories of our adventures will follow, but for now... pictures!

At the shore on the drive up, Winnie introduced her lobster to freshwater

Columbines on the shore

We're almost there!

Gunflint Lake

Winnie and Chris goofing around on our day in town

Corgi bum in the wilderness

Grand Marais on a rainy, cold day on the way home

Winnie watches Chris collecting rocks

Introspective corgi

Moss on the shore

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