Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New web pages

I have bought chrisschommer.com to go along with 1miledesign.com and aNewAmericanFlag.org. The idea is that I am going to separate my art work from my design ideas with chrisschommer.com being art and 1mile being the business. It will make both easier to design, navigate and maintain.

Right now they both go to the same place, but look for some changes in the near future!

Oh and our DSL rocks. the speakeasy speed test says we have roughly 6 megabit service down and 1 up which feels really great. Now we can watch our YouTube in peace..


Bjorn said...

Yes, but can you watch your YouTube on your Mac Mini, Xbox, or Wii hooked up to your TV? Only then will you be tubed. Check out www.joost.com, now that you are in the world of broadband.

Chris Schommer said...

invite me! Are you on it? Then the TeeVee can go over the interwebs.

"To use Joost, you must have an invitation from an existing user. Until you receive an invite, you won't be able to download the software"

No need for the AppleTV/Mac Mini/Xbox/Wii/MacBook/PowerBook combo when the TV kind of sucks any way. Buy me this thing and then we can talk. :-p

Joost me if you can:
schommer (at) stolaf (dot) edu

Bjorn said...

I think you can become a Jooster without getting invited, just click on the Beta tab.

Bjorn said...

I think comcast keeps bumping up the service here. It's over 14 megabit down, 1.5 megabit up.