Saturday, June 16, 2007

DSL monday

We are getting DSL on monday! Theoretically honking fast 7 megabit DSL too, thanks to the fact that we are just 2 blocks away from our routing station. Right now we are on "Multiband" for free thanks to their 60 day promo. They are the folks who wired (ie monopolized) this building so you can just plug right into the ethernet in the wall, no modem required. However, it says a lot how good their internet is when we are willing to end our contract with them before the freeness is over to get DSL. Yes, it is worse than free. I just ran a test and since it is the weekend and there are lots of people on, I got 38.8 KB a second down and 3.9 KB a second up! Is this 1997 or 2007? They want to charge us $32 a month for that too. So for just $10 more a month we are getting 20x the speed. Wohoo!

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Bjorn said...

20x the speed, in theory...