Friday, May 25, 2007


After a long hiatus Dave and I finally got a brew in yesterday. It took a very long time partially because we had to get together all our equipment that has been in boxes for months, partially because we have not done it for so long, and partially because we were being tricky about it! This was the long talked about lavender beer. Yes we have attempted to imbue the flavor of the lavender flower using .2 oz of dried flowers to 5 gallons of liquid.

Here is a photo of it bubbling away in our laundry room here. It smells distinctly like juniper and lavender right now, who knows what it will taste like!

You can also see that I am going to need to build some more shelving in the brewing nook. Its kind of a pile right now.

Tonight Megan and I had a ridiculously balanced and responsible night. After I got home from work we...

- Walked to our local co-op to buy some local organic turkey (using our own bag) and bread crumbs
- Cooked dinner
- Cleaned the apartment
– Worked out at the exercise room they have here (very nice)
- Came home and did our finances

I feel like I should eat some ice cream mixed with beer or something just to mess things up a little. Well come to think of it...

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