Sunday, April 01, 2007

open house

Phew, I survived! Today was the U of MN CVM's Open House, an event that I've been attending for years. I finally got to be in it! How exciting. The coolest part was that I was not only in it, but running my club's table. We started the day with about 40 bags of homemade dog cookies, cookie recipes, and about 250 samples of dog and cat food donated by Natura (the people who sponsor us). By the end, we had just a few bags of cookies left (note to self: no one wants wheat-free dog treats), only 4 samples of food left, and no recipes!

But by far the biggest attraction of our table was not the free stuff, or the dog cookies, or my charming self, but Pipkin the rabbit. He was an exceptionally perfect bunny today. He got poked in the eyes, had his ears tugged on, and had one little girl repeatedly grab him around his neck (oh man, I wanted to grab her around her neck). He just took it all in stride as always, munching on hay the whole time. Pip even got to give one little boy his first experience petting an animal. What a perfect little gentleman he was. I don't like to think that he's getting to be an old bunny, although he could just be middle-aged. He's six, and it's not uncommon to hear of 12 year old rabbits these days. We will try to keep him around a long long time. He's a pretty special guy.

No rest, though- pharmacology test tomorrow. Back to the books....

edited to add: check out the ticker...........!!!!

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