Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Back in Northfield

Pictures! I found my camera cable here so I just uploaded all the good ones to a Picasa (google) album on the left. I am back in Northfield after coming full circle from LA. Its quite a change! The weather is quite chilly, but I don't mind that as much as I thought I would. It just surprises me a bit when I go outside with my new LA jacket! (see the last photo) I enjoy not knowing what the weather will be like though, I guess thats why I live in Minnesota.

The biggest change is going from a quick pace and a very social environment to here where things are very much about me, about here, and things kind of remain the same. Lucky for me that I get to take the great energy I got from Cletus and from LA and apply it to my life here. It was a memorable and wonderful trip that I hope to be able to do again soon. Enjoy the photos and I will write more later!

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