Wednesday, March 28, 2007

There was a pool behind me...

Well I wanted to post a photo of my self on top of a hip LA rooftop bar we were at tonight but I can't find the stupid USB cable so you will just have to trust me! Cool place that was almost completely outside. But not in a MN way where everything is plastic and tied down. More like carpet and couches, just outside. We were able to start up a conversation with a random LA architect and his designer friend from the Netherlands and then some random dude and his lady friend. They sat down next to us and chatted us up about LA food for 1/2 hr or more in a kind of odd ball way that left us laughing for a while after. Kind of, what just happened?Cletus put it this way, "In LA, every one is working to get heard." After that we went to China town to a Bar/Art School (yes that is what it is) where I ran into some people I had met earlier in the week.

We also did some serious business work today, lunch with a developer that Cletus is interested in working with. Cool guy and possible deals down the road with. I mostly just observed, its not a lunch conversation I normally have!

The Getty trip got put off until tomorrow or Friday, but that is OK because Megan's Cousin is the Sr. Project Coordinator of Performing Arts there, a fact that I did not know until this evening! (Hello if you are reading this Sarah!). Hopefully we will be able to connect before I jet back on Monday.

Thats all for now, LA is a city for the morning even though I stay up late! Bed time for me.

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