Saturday, March 31, 2007

LA cont.

I guess I have some down time to write a little bit! Thats different. I wish I could find my photo cable! I hope I didn't loose it. I will have to rely on google images for now I guess.

First off, on Thursday we went to the Museum of Jurassic Technology. My topics in art class senior year was loosely based on this crazy place (or the book on it at least) and so seeing everything in person was a real trip. It takes a kind of 18th century natural history curiosity and applies it to our world now. So everything in it is true but not necessarily true. It's a contradiction with what it is supposed to be - a museum. So in the end it self is one massively ambitious art project.

We also hit up a place for dinner that had some fantastic beers on tap. LA is a wine town from what I can see, and that makes sense since CA is wine country. There are some big players around here, Stone Brewing is on tap everywhere, but you don't just stumble upon exotic Belgian imports as in NY. It was a good place though, and we sat out side of course. Why doesn't every one? I had the "Old Rasputen" Imperial Russian Stout by North Cost Brewing. It was on tap and nitro'd so it was a real treat.

That was Thursday. Then yesterday was a star LA treatment. Cletus has been going to this spa place and he booked me for a thing that was a mix of electroshock therapy and heat massage. I was a little skeptical at first when the lady brought our her electro-gun but it really felt good. At the end I was energized and relaxed.

...In time go to the Getty and meet Megan's Cousin Sarah for lunch. It was so much fun! Sarah is the Sr. project coordinator of performing arts and so organizes all their performances on the Getty campus and off. She was great and treated me to lunch in their hune marble cafeteria. We were able to chat for a while. Now Megan has to get out here, the last time they met was 12 years ago! There might be an opportunity in July but more on that later.

The Getty it self is an amazing place that frankly overshadows much of the art that it contains. It is an epic monument. I was delighted to find Tim Hawkinson's work there, and it worked very well with in the space. On the right here is a photo of "√úberorgan" as installed in a warehouse I will post video of it later, but it runs for 5 min every hour and is quite a great piece. He also had some new commissioned work that was fun to see.

Ok, done right? Not at all. Because then Cletus had made some dinner reservations at Sona Restaurant about 10 blocks from his house. I find it difficult to describe quite what the place is. It is the kind of place where you are completely mystified as to how they made that. Its not just good food, its food taken to a different level. There was a time when I was in Japan about 2 days before I left that I had a Sushi dinner that all others can rate to but not beat. I knew it at the time too, it was the new standard. Same thing here. If anything I will let anyone who is out here experience it for them selves. Just be open and trust the chef.

The one point that I did appreciate was one of our courses was venison, and although very good, it was also very familiar. I have been having that for years! David calls it "Minnesota Gourmet" and its worth noting! Now if I can just figure out how they made that egg do that, I'll be set.

Ok I am all caught up!

One more thing, there are some better Subaru pics up that make it about 30% less bad looking. It still looks bland as heck but at least the grill is a mat black vs. chrome freak out. We'll see how the sedan looks...

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