Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Is the "Air Car" almost a reality?

Some readers might remember my previous post about a prototype car that ran on just compressed air. Well it looks like it just took a big step into becoming a reality ... in India. Buisness Week is reporting that "Tata Moters" of India has licensed the French design of the air car for future production. An added bonus for hot places like India, the exhaust of the air car is normal air of course, but it's between 5 and 32˚ F - built in air conditioning! It can go between 135-185 miles before it needs a three minute recharge from a large compressor, or 3-4 hours using the on board.

This would be a great deal for places like India where pollution in the cities is a huge problem. I will be interested to see if they really work in the real world both economically and technologically.

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