Friday, March 23, 2007

Corgi generosity

Winnie has been unusually generous lately. I'm not sure if she's trying to get something from me, or if she is just a sweety, but it makes for good stories either way.

Yesterday at the park, Win and I were walking by the pond where she swims. She still hadn't gotten up the courage to go in, so she was just tiptoeing around the shore. Suddenly two incredibly athletic black labs came tearing down the hill towards the pond, aiming for a tennis ball that their owner had just launched from one of those Chuck-It ball thrower things. They went right into the water with no apparently change in speed, snatched up the ball, and kept on going right out the other side of the pond. They were there for less than thirty seconds while Winnie watched from the shore. Once it was quiet again, she looked at me, looked into the pond, and started walking along the shoreline. She slowwwwwly stepped into the water- splishsplishsplish- and stretched out as far as she could to grab a long piece of dried-up cattail that was floating on the surface. She dragged it out, plopped it at my feet, and grinned. Aw, my little labrador.

Today, after I got home from school, I was laying on my bed reading. Winnie hopped up and layed next to me for a while, until she spotted a months-old dog treat on my night stand. She looked at me, then at the treat- "Uh, Mom? Mom? Can I have that? Mom? Please? Mom?" So I gave it to her, and she took it to the end of the bed, then turned around, brought it back, and plopped it on my chest. "Here Mom, look what I got you! *grin*" I tried to give it back to her and she wouldn't take it.

What do you think? Sweet puppy, or up to something?

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