Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Because you have all been asking....

How is LA? What have I been doing? Well so much that it has been impossible to get some time to write. I won't write an over long anything but here is a short bit of it. We just got back from (more!) sushi with Amy and Cletus after a walk down the street in LA. My car craziness is getting more under control already, and things are more normal than I first saw, sort of. Everything just depends on where you are in LA. But then again, that seems to be true for everything. People, houses, trees, you name it. LA is like many small cities collected around each other. So you kind of just make your own.

I have been very happy to get some serious artistic stimulation so far. So far we have attended a panel about artists and money where a strange group of an artist, a financial planer/art hedge fund lady, a dealer, and a lawyer all said their piece. Very interesting. And today I sat in on Cletus's grad class and realized how much I missed that kind of discussion and debate about art and ideas.

The rest of the day Cletus and I went on a driving tour of LA. Yes I did see the Hollywood sign and yes I have a photo.

Thats all I got in me today. Tomorrow is the Getty, that should be great!

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dwatland said...

My neice works at the Getty. Get her email from Megan. Her dad lives at my house in Ulen.