Tuesday, February 13, 2007


This morning Megan's Saturn died at the light turned green while she was on Snelling getting ready to turn onto University. During rush hour. It had been in neutral (that seemed to help) and when she put it in drive, it just turned off. It started again on the second try (hoonk hoooonnkk) but thats still no good! I had put off replacing the EGR because 'things seemed to be working' and it was too cold. Well now it the warmest its going to be for a bit I hear and things were obviously NOT working.

So, Megan drove down, I let the car cool down, removed the old EGR (it looked perfect) and brought it to AutoZone where they replaced it for free (vs $110) and I returned to install the new one. I did it and took the car for a drive and that must have been the issue because every thing feels fine now! I did all the things it used to hate and it obliged nicely. So, hurah! And now the new one is under a 1 year warranty too.

So now the question is, should Megan sell it now and get a new one? Now might be the best condition that the saturn is in... Or it might just keep going and now I do know how to fix a good chunk of it. Hmm..

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