Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Post

This is a semi random post, so I hope you can follow!

Winnie is spending the rest of the week with me! Megan and I met up at the Lakevile Caribou Coffee that is almost exactly mid way between us. They have free wireless there if you buy some coffee and it is nice for a strip mall. Winnie waited in the car while we drank coffee and worked for an hour. It was really nice to get together like that. This entire year has been about planning visits and just meeting for an hour felt easy for once! Can I just say I am about dying to move into the lofts? Ug. less than 70 days now..

Anyway, winnie is zonked out next to me. We went out to the natural lands this afternoon and she got dirty and wet and REALLY smelly. When she was off leash she found a dead vole or something, rolled in it, and then when I yelled at her she picked it up (!) and ran away with it. Ewww bad dog. She dropped it eventually but she smelled gross. She got thrown right in the tub for sure!

I have been working on my page like crazy. Its slow going but I think I have the structure done, so everything else is just plugging in images.

Ok, now cars. I was walking winnie to the natural lands and I saw this car and loved it! It is a 2004 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS, basically a WRX with out the turbocharger. See I think theSubaru WRX sti is one of the coolest cars out there. It is a street legal rally car that can do 0-60 in 5 seconds and more importantly go around a 90˚ dirt road corner at 60 mph too! But its expensive to buy, expensive to run, and very expensive to insure! (people who buy them tend to try out the whole dirt road corner thing...) So the WRX is for out-of-the-box racing, but impractical. The RS is a step below so is a good balance of insane and practical. There is also the "Legacy" that is a larger car but not quite as cool. All of this is just fan boy gawking anyway, I am not buying a new car until I A: have money and B: the volvo dies.

Since the saturn is running well now, I think it would be great to sell it if Megan could get any money out of it, and was looking at a VW golf for her, but after reading reviews for it I think thats out. Ideally, the new car would be smaller, cheap, safe, reliable, and light on gas. And good looking. Good luck!

This now concludes my most random post ever. I hope you found some of it worth reading!

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