Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Ooooh boy. So now that 1mile is starting up and I have my jobs at the caf and ArtOrg going I get a call saying that my friend Pete is leaving his design job in Northfield that I have been eyeing for quite some time now and that his job is going to be open to applicants. Here is their web page.

I talked to one of the owners, and it is a full time position, but they are willing to split it into two half time or something like that. It would start in two weeks. I am going to get an email describing more about the job, but I know that it pays well (especially compared to the caf) and the work environment would be good.

But there are of course problems.

#1 I work 10 hours a week at the VRC and have a contract that runs until August 31st. Plus I like the job.

#2 I am moving to St. Paul May 1st, and that is 2 months, 3 weeks, and 4 days away. This job is in Northfield. This is the reason Pete quit (after 2 years commuting). It effectively adds 10 hours a week to the job, all of it on the road. Plus gas.

#3 I am working on starting my own business, and this would put a huge damper on things.

But, It would be steady work with a good paycheck that I knew was coming in a field I enjoy. Portfolio/resume builder for sure.

So what do I do? In an ideal world, I would work for them half time until May while they conducted a larger job search and then move up to St. Paul where I start my successful company and work from the comfort of the lofts with zero commute. Perhaps I can simply ask for that, give or take a month or a few hours per week, and see what they say. It seems insane to pass on such a great opportunity though. Ak, what do I do?!

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