Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Is it spring break yet?

We are still two weeks away from Spring Break, and the first-years are getting noticeably bi-polar as we approach next week (or, as we fondly refer to it, Hell Week). It's our first experience with four exams in one week- Monday Immunology, Tuesday Organology, Friday Physiology AND Pharmacology. Plus we have an Immunology quiz due the same day as the test, and a paper due on Sunday the 11th (but who wants to turn in homework after break has already started?). Not to mention that our glorious 9 AM start time is being pushed back to 8 AM to allow us to shove Virology into the mix.

So my classmates and I are either giddy and making dumb lab jokes like "I'll show you my cilia if you'll show me your ascinus," or we're snarking at each other for stealing chairs or cutting in line for lunch. I suddenly understand why the second years are so perpetually grumpy (no offense second years!), considering their test schedule is like this fairly regularly.

We are still getting reminders to balance our lives, find time for physical activity, don't forget family and friends, do yoga, don't be a workaholic... But if we aren't workaholics, we won't pass our classes, and where will that leave us? Well-balanced and kicked out of school. :-/

Okay, okay, vent over. In happier news, the Holistic Club is really getting off the ground! Wahoo. Lots of good interest, and our first speaker will soon be scheduled. I have gotten a few snarky comments ("Well, I want to go into large animal medicine, and Chinese stuff won't get me far in THAT world."), but almost everyone has been really positive. We'll see where we go. Next step is to get our acupuncture wetlab scheduled...

Winnie is being a doll, and she loves this deep snow. We'll be talking to her vet about weaning her off her anxiety medication, since she seems to have "plugged back in". I think her vet may suggest waiting until after the move, since moving is one of the major triggers of anxiety, but we'll see what he says.

Win is losing her winter fur, and there is a cardinal in front of school every morning singing "pretty pretty pretty pretty". The critters think spring is coming- that means it must be close, right? East Bearskin feels impossibly far away.

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