Sunday, February 18, 2007

Being a girl....

... apparently still means that you earn less than the boys. from "DVM Newsmagazine":

"The mean starting salary in 2006 for men in private practice totaled $56,722 while women went to work for $2,000 less."

"Although the survey reports 28.1% of male graduates receive individual retirement account benefits versus 22.1% of female graduates, women in the study might not have held out for fringe benefits due to flexibility, location, or relationship issues."

"... women reportedly hold more educational loans than their male counterparts in veterinary medicine."

Boo. Of course, if I were in this for the money, I'd just become an M.D. instead- the average starting salary for a general practitioner is $120,00- $150,00 a year. But what fun would that be?

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Bjorn said...

That is better then the national average.

"Among the major occupational groups, women’s earnings as a percentage of men’s earnings were about 90 percent or higher for the following groups: installation, maintenance and repair; community and social services; construction and extraction; and healthcare support. In contrast, women’s earnings as a percentage of men’s earnings were about 65 percent or less for legal occupations, sales and related occupations and healthcare practitioner and technical occupations."