Sunday, December 31, 2006

Soup update

The soup megan made yesterday turned out great! I am eating some right now, and like always it tastes even better on the second day. It is very filling stuff, and a great winter food. Now all we need is some winter! Megan also fed the soup bone to winnie after we were done with it. Wow she loved it. I thought she might pick at it but no, it was gone with in minutes. There is one bone left, so we might make another soup some time.

On a bizarre/sad note, my sanitizer for brewing leaked onto my brand new IKEA rug. It was an accident waiting to happen, the bottle leaks and it has done this before. The stuff is an extremely caustic acid based sanitizer that requires just 5 oz to 5 gallons of water to kill all the little bacteria. So a the little bit that got on the rug bleached it, and then it leaked through that and ate the carpet below that. Literally gone. The IKEA rug took the brunt of it, so I think it can be patched fairly easily. Still, big bummer.

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