Monday, December 18, 2006

Small vent...

... and then I'll start studying, I swear...

At the beginning of lab last week, a professor instructed us to get into our Foal Team groups. They were short an instructor, so instead of one instructor per group, one group had to split up amongst the others (so we had to make five groups out of six). The prof told our group that, since we were the smallest, we would be split up. I told her that our other group member was on her way down to lab, and she replied with, "Well, it's 9:00 and we have to get started, and she's not here." Okay, not a problem, fine by me. I don't care if we get split up. But then she added, "I understand your desire to cling, but we can't hold up the entire lab while we wait for her." Uh. Excuse me? My "desire to cling"? You think I'm worried that people who aren't on my Foal Team have cooties?

The admin makes such a big deal about "treating each other as future colleagues." I think that should extend to the profs too- after all, we are their future colleagues as well. I never had a prof at Olaf talk down to me like that, and I was certainly farther from being their future colleague than the vets who are teaching us now. I may be a first year, but I am a first year in professional school, not high school. Please don't treat me like a snot-nosed kid.

Maybe it wasn't that big a deal, and I was in a sour mood because I a) really wanted to be in bed, and b) knew the lab was going to end with a dead goat. Who knows. But this wasn't the first time that it has struck me how un-student-centered vet school is compared to Olaf. I understand that it's a teaching hospital, and that there are important things going on there, but I don't like feeling like I'm in the way when I'm a vet student in a vet school.

That is all. Time to study!

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