Sunday, December 17, 2006

Show news

I made it onto the front page of the St. Olaf home page! It's under events on campus. So far we have posters up and out, postcards are late but on their way, food is coming together. Now all we need is the art! My robot is working away as we speak. I am doing test recording today sing DV, and time lapse.

I think I am settled on all the video being live in the gallery, being taken off a live and working (and potentially breaking) robot. The robot will be boxed away so you can hear it but not see it.

Questions I have now:
- How do the lenses fit into all of this? Do they?
- Should I try and include more time lapse? (I will see how it looks later on today)
- How long can I make this guy run? (I have AAA batteries on there now, I am going to try and retrofit AA. Both are 1.5 V but AA last longer)

UPDATE: Oops! That event is not us. Its a bad label for the topics class's show that took place last week! The positive side is that our show didn't have an event, so I added one. I will post the real one once that comes along!

UPDATE II: The problem has been solved and the home page now has the link going here. I wrote it too :)

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