Tuesday, December 26, 2006


One last thing before bed... Here are the first 10 links you get when you Google my name:

1) a contribution to a discussion about putting a dog park in Northfield
2) a reply to that comment about the dog park
3) listing as a speaker at the St. Olaf Summer Research Symposium
4) listing as a member of the Tri-Beta Biological Honor Society
5) announcement that I won the Society for Conservation Biology poster award
6) announcement that I won a raffle that I was entered in for participating in a dog-poop-clean-up at the U
7) a post I made in a friend's blog
8) a listing in the Bio Deparment's newsletter because I was a graduating senior
9) a post that I made in 1996 in a Lion King message board
10) a false listing of a Watland who was in the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association

Is that me in a nutshell?

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