Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm sorry, goat

Yesterday we had our lab for Large Animal Neonatology, where we learned the basics of what we would be expected to do as members of Foal Team (or Cria Team, depending on which species we end up dealing with). To practice doing things like placing IV catheters, checking the ABCs of emergency care (airway, breathing, circulation), and simply moving around a relatively large uncoordinated critter, we used a sedated goat. She was a nice white goat, very cooperative. She came from a place that uses goats to make antibodies, and due to that work, she was not allowed to be put into the food supply after her work was done. So she was set to be euthanized, but we were able to use her for one last learning experience. It was important and necessary, but still sad. I'm sorry, little goat, that I didn't have a friendly place to bring you after a life of valuable work, but thank you for what you taught us, and I hope that what we learned from you will help future foals, calves, crias, lambs, and kids.

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