Thursday, December 21, 2006

I'm 22!

Yesterday was a big day- both my birthday and the last day of the first semester of vet school! The biochem finals took up the beginning of the day. I'm sure I did fine- I had a good 31-point buffer to ensure that I got a B in the class, so I wasn't too worried. I probably could have been a little more careful on the test, but hey, it was my BIRTHDAY! Everyone was pretty excited coming out of the test. I think we've all been burned out from this semester since Thanksgiving. Bring on some new classes! We're seasoned veterans now, we can handle a few (*cough*6...) more credits than we had this semester. We're all free from school until the 8th of January. Wee!

The second half of my day was more birthday-oriented. Chris surprised me with a candlelit dinner from the Ole Store. I opened a few presents, we polished off an entire bottle of Reisling, and went to bed really early. Ha. Party animals, we are! My excuse is that I only slept 4 hours the night before...

Here's what I ended up with:

From Bjorn, a donation to Home For Life pet sanctuary
From Mom and Dad, $100 for Ikea, a 20 GB iPod, and a handmade quilt
From Chris, a new ring box (to keep my ring safe at school), the right cords to hook up my CD player to my car, and a WalkyDog
From Grandma, fuzzy warm PJs and bunny notecards
From the CVM, the satisfaction of completing a semester!
From whoever controls the weather, a little SNOW! (just one day late)

I am very happy and spoiled :-) The Pooh Bear got groomed yesterday, so she is fluffy and clean-smelling for Christmas. I bought her Christmas present today (she knows how to unwrap things herself, by the way...)... She will happy and spoiled come Christmas!

I am off to make some cookies and, for the first time in years, try my hand at fudge again. It is a baking sort of day.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday SD!!!!! :D -Woocha