Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Glass III

Here are some pics of me in Redwing at the Anderson Center working on my lenses. The Anderson center is an amazing place, sort of an art fort. Compleate with brick walls around the complex and a tower! Huge sculptures lurk around the campus and the glass studio at least was well lit, well ventilated, colorful and open. For artists looking for good studio space for ceramics or glass, this place would be heaven.

My lenses should be ready now. I didn't blow them, but rather made huge flat and ugly paperweights that I will then cut the lens out of. I will just use the top inch or so and toss the rest.

Glass is an amazing process, but I defiantly did not fall in love with it the way I fell in love with bronze or iron. It is much more akin to ceramics in the process. Blob of goo --> a vessel where castings is all about the mold making. For some reason I find that more appealing to work on. But I certainly appreciate hand blown glass more now! I go back next sunday for another afternoon where I will grind down and polish my lenses, and hopefully get to play a little too!

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