Sunday, December 10, 2006


Well Christmas time is too near and I have not done a wish list, so here it goes. (How come you want things all year but when Christmas rolls around you blank out?)

- Good knife set. Now I am using second serrated hand ones from walmart. *shudder*

Any thing from. With an eye to the apartment in may.

- Specifically some shelving or chairs, or stools, or more shelving, or glass ware (non beer related) bed frame, or a chest of drawers that doesn't fall apart when you open it.
Not that I have been looking or anything...

- Fancy food stuffs. Coffees, nuts, chocolates, cheeses, honey, spices and the like.
- Micron 01 pens
- Rug(s)
- Art Book(s)
- cool clothing
- Purple paint, new rims, custom exhaust and a spoiler (kidding)

Is that all? I don't know but I think so. If I have more I will add it here later....

UPDATE: Speaking about cooking, my magic Calphalon pan is not so magic any more. Its also my lone piece of of such cook ware.

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