Saturday, December 02, 2006

Christmas Wish List

... because I know everyone is dying to know... ;-)
  • A WalkyDog bike attachment, so Win and I can bike more safely.
  • Anything soft, shiny, or made of chocolate (or all of the above!)
  • A nice Daiwa closed-face reel, because my attempts to save money and buy cheap reels have all backfired on me. My current reel likes to randomly tangle, or let the line loose, or not reel the line in at all. :-/ I'm sure that's why I've been having bad fishing luck, right? Right?
  • Non-latex gloves (smalls please!), and new 10- or 20-size scalpel blades
  • Anything that claims to reduce stress

Okay, okay, my list is too long. I will be happy with no gifts, as long as Christmas involves no homework and lots of time in warm places, with lots of good food, and a corgi!

Northfield is in full Christmas Fest mode. I am taking a break from the 'Fest this year for fear it will make me a little sad to go. I need a little more distance from graduation and the whole Olaf experience to enjoy being wrapped up in the warm snugglies of Christmas Fest again. I'm not ready to be an alum!!

Yesterday was December 1st, which marked the 5-month mark until we move into our apartment... I think this calls for a ticker! (the white bunny is Pipkin, of course, hopping down University Ave...)

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