Thursday, December 28, 2006

Apartment day

Wee what a day. Megan and I spent the entire day shopping at IKEA. We ended up buying with Christmas money 2 great rugs, 6 dishes and 6 bowls. Then I bought for megan a laptop table, and I was going to buy a bedside table but they had sold out! Boo. But we got lots and lots of good ideas and have a real sense of what things we are going to have in our apartment! What, its only 4 months away? Thats nothing!

Cletus came over for dinner after Megan and I went our separate ways and we had a hardy dinner of venison, wild rice, and yams. Grrrr the north lands. I showed Clet the plan I had drawn up for where things would go and he promptly tore it up and I loved every bit of it. Here is the cleaned up floor plan to the left of here, click on it for a larger view.

Basically the idea is to split the one large room into smaller zones of activity so it will feel full but not cluttered. Thats what those circles are around each area are. Kitchen, dinning, study/office, and entertainment all work nicely with each other.

Several Key points:
• There is a second couch to make an "L" with the futon. This makes it a social space and ends the flow of the room. Otherwise all the lines just flow out the huge windows. This requires another couch ($$) so it might not happen for a bit.
• The dinning room table is centered below the beam that runs through the middle of the apartment and the largest section of brick wall. There is a light over the center of it hanging off that pillar such as this or this.
• The study/office area would have book cases running around the corner and a thin matching one in between the windows.
• There is a mystery book shelf/dresser/storage thingie outside the bathroom/bedroom area. This breaks the line of sight to the bedroom as you walk in and brings the bedroom space outside the door it self.
• As for the bedroom it self this is kind of radical from what it was. This plan calls for 2 dressers (3 drawer), 2 night stands, and the bed taking up the entire far wall. It also turns Winnie's crate the length way against the wall.

I am having too much fun with this. Tomorrow its back to business of the show. 10 more days left! Yikes!!

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