Friday, December 22, 2006

2006 British Television Advertising Awards

Well its been a good long day! Last night with Megan was really fun, and today I got to go to the 2006 British Television Advertising Awards with the siblings! Tash and Ladric had the tickets and Cletus just happened to fly in from LA an hour ago, and I was in the neighborhood skidding around on the ice so there we go! I am such a dork that I knew way too many of the adds already. This magic Sony Bravia commercial should have won but it got second to a kind of normal one from Honda. Here is a link to the making of this commercial, its great to watch.

This VW GTI commercial was also up there, its one of my favorites. Thats all real dancing, no digital effects out side of the close ups on his face. (Thats a nice car btw, a bit more practical than my STI)

This one from Vidafone was the funniest though, I don't know why. I think its just the punch of the timing after seeing the other adds build and build and build the joke. Its just BAM and done. Point taken.

Good show! I am looking forward to next year.

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Hey Chris it's Anna - I just ran across your blog. I just wanted to agree that I absolutely love that Sony Bravia ad! Nice blogging! I will be stopping by the apprentice show sometime while it's up- I'm sure your work is great. :)