Sunday, November 19, 2006


Well the surprise that I mentioned earlier is that there was a fourth person at our brew day. Dave, Jarred's bro, my self, and Zach! He was in town from a layover going home to TX for Christmas. It was great to see him, we have not really spoken since he left after graduation. He is in Pittsburgh now but we will see where he ends up it sounds like. He was down again visiting people so I got to see him for a short time again. A whirlwind tour but a tour none the less.

David my first year roommate came over on saturday and we made lasagna and drank beer while Megan studied. Then she came out and joined us when it was ready! It was a fun time and a good weekend. Megan has a big biochem test tomorrow and then next monday is a monday with no tests! Thanksgiving and all.

Mmm Turkey...

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