Friday, November 24, 2006


Ahhh, good Thanksgiving, even though it was a little busy. We started with dinner #1 at Chris' grandparents' house in Wisconsin, then came back to my house for dinner #2. I'll let Chris write about #1....

Dinner #2 was good- at least, what we could eat of it! We were still pretty stuffed. Bjorn and Jeanette were there when we got there. They brought yummy Muddy Paws cheesecake, which I managed to squeeze in. ;-) After dinner, Chris and Bjorn played with Bjorn's Nintendo Wii. We attempted to make egg nog, which turned out more like egg-nog-flavored whiskey... but, of course, the more you drank the better it tasted! I'm afraid I like the non-alcoholic store-bought stuff better. Perhaps we'll try another recipe for Christmas.

It was a very nice Thanksgiving. The only hitch was that, apparently, Winnie hates Bjorn. Or at least, she hates Bjorn playing Wii. She doesn't like loud things or fast-moving things, and Bjorn playing Wii is both loud and fast-moving. Maybe she'll get used to him someday... Win did eat an entire can of turkey-flavored dog food, so she couldn't have been *that* stressed out.

Last night, I headed down to Northfield for a little (unsuccessful) Christmas shopping, and Chris and I finally got to see Why We Fight. Very sobering... I'm sure Chris will write more on it. It was pretty cool to see a name I recognized in the end credits!

Not much else happening this weekend, which is just fine with me. No test on Monday, which means no studying all weekend!!

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