Saturday, November 04, 2006


Well my camera won't work so I have about zero pictures from the party. Well the camera works but I can't charge the batteries so that does not help much. The party was a smashing success and it ended up making our house look great! Suddenly it feels like a home rather than a place we just crashed. Nothing like having a party to make us clean up. Amy hung more of her art on the walls and Whitney decorated the living room. It took all day and a group trip to target/cub but it was worth it!

Megan even managed to come down for a little bit. She was doing TB testing on deer all day. She left home at 8:00 am and is now shuttered away at school preparing for her anatomy test on monday. Such is the way of the vet student. But, her and Winnie did come and where the life of the party :) Winnie was a little nervous, but she has kind of adjusted to parties/gatherings of people now. She is not her totally crazy self, but she is kind of polite and quiet. Good girl.

We had quite a turn out. Pat and Christie and her daughter anna came, and then most of the aprenti from last year and their crew, other people from olaf, then a lot of dereks friends. We went through 3 gallons of cider and a handle of rum with all those people! But it was worth it. We had a cheerful fire in the fireplace and candles all over, it was great.

So we had a fall festival, next up a winter? We will think about it once the snow starts to fly...

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