Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Okay, dream interpreters....

So, last night I had a dream that, while I was deer hunting (?) I got attacked by a white coyote (??).

What's that mean?

Here's what Dream Moods Dictionary says:

"To see a coyote in your dream denotes deception and weakness."

And from another dream dictionary...

"A coyote, not being a very brave animal, will attack those living beings that are injured, dead, or just weaker then themselves, and they also run in packs like dogs, (kind of like street gangs). If you dream of being attacked by a pack of coyote, or see them wearing a threatening demeanor, you should be extremely careful for the next few days as this is a warning of danger to yourself. A friendly coyote is an omen of deception."

Uh oh!

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