Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Well today was a very glass oriented day, and I am all set up for tomorrow to be another one too. I went over to Rick's this morning with my lens molds and helped him out with some of his glass stuff in his mini-glory hole (a real one is pictured on the right). I also made a few more molds just free style out of clay, and tomorrow we are going to heat the kiln up and try and melt some glass down into them and see what we get!

Rick and I also took a field trip down to redwing to check out the glass studio they have there and help them set up an automatic kiln. Rick teaches there, but I have never been. Its a beautiful studio. Big, well lit, clean and open. Everything you need! So the lens hunt continues. Time is getting short already though, I think this is going to be cutting it short!

I am also going to buy a chepo wireless pinhole video camera for the show. Possibly more than one eventually. The imagery for this show is going to be all live and hopefully generated from inside the gallery. I still have lots of work to do though. Lets hope things congeal quickly.

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